Here are some guidelines for the everlasting embrace of a healthy lifestyle:

If you want to see the original Fit Food Presentation, here it is!

– Eat a balance of foods–vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, fungi, source of calcium and protein!

– Do daily exercise; don’t overwork your body but do enough to improve endurance and get up your heart rate. Keep at it and follow your body’s instincts!

Some foods to steer clear from:

– Sodas

– Chips

– White Bread

– “Uncrustables”

– Gummy Snacks

– Rice-Crispies

– French Fries

– Hamburgers & Hot Dogs

– Fast food (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, etc.)

– Packaged stuff

– Things with ingredients that you can’t imagine in their raw state

– Things with ingredients whose origin you don’t know

(if it has a million ingredients—hyperbole—you probably shouldn’t eat it)

– Cereal that changes the color of the milk

– Things with health claims (sounds counterintuitive, but where are broccoli’s health claims?)

– Things your grandparents or older generations wouldn’t recognize

– Candy

– Doughnuts

– Pop Tarts

– Food-colored substances

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