Finishing a good run is exhilaration.

In fact, having just arrived back from one, I feel renewed, empowered, and charged with positive energy. Proven to be an excellent outlet for stubborn frustration, exercise lets you sweat out the negativity and testifies to your ability to go forth with purpose.

A decision I’ve found invaluable is giving up earphones. Find fulfillment in the environment, run to your own beat, be part of the surrounding, and use your own internal reserves of motivation to propel you rather than depending on external sources.

Of course, music can be great, but give independence a chance and you’ll find the most rewarding feeling of self-sufficiency!

So discover reward in hard work, in the discipline to do what will end in well-earned triumph.

2 thoughts on “Self-Sufficiency

  1. So, what is your opinion about the Mayor of New York limiting soda drinks to 16 oz?
    We believe it is in the correct direction.

    Using internal reserves to motivate – what a simple, poignant and perfect phrase. This society by offering multiple and simultaneous sources of external stimulation may have unnerved some of us, while helping some of us. I know I need solitude to be a peak performer, while my teenage neighbor needs music, TV, texting a few friends all while working on a project.

    • OH YES!! I’m so glad you mentioned Bloomberg’s ban! I agree with you completely and was hoping to do a blog post soon about it. Some argue that the ban is an oppressive restriction; but I think it’s a form of education, guiding many who choose the largest option which seems to give more bang for the buck, to exercise moderation and go for a smaller, but just as satiating portion. It may not cure the health crisis, but it’s definitely a start!

      Thank you for the kind comment. You’re right that different people use different means of motivation and of course music is empowering! I love it!

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