Diet, the noun, not the verb!

In a sense, dieting is like bad meditation. In meditation, if we attempt to think of nothing by telling ourselves, “Don’t think about that paperwork, forget about that e-mail, stop pondering that argument!” there’s no way we will get anywhere near forgetting any of those things. Similarly, when we diet, all we do is think about the junk we need to not eat. What kind of methodology is that!?

Instead of focusing on the bad, why not focus on the goodGive to yourself. Be generous to your body. Let your mind wander to the aisles of baby squash and broccoli. Delicious apples and rutabaga. Try something new everytime and indulge yourself to a tasty meal, both for your tongue and the rest of your body!

In other words, embrace a healthy diet (the noun), don’t diet (the verb).

(Picture taken from Spiritual Enthusiast Cosmic Journal blog)


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