Going for a CleanGreen!

Inspired by the “mean green” vegetable and fruit juice from “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” I decided to try it myself and have personally called it “CleanGreen” because that’s precisely what it is! My version has a handful of spinach, a hefty one of kale, one or two Granny Smith apples, 1 bump of ginger root, a stick of celery, and a sprinkle of whole flax seeds. This is healing! It is nature’s creation and no processed food injected with vitamin c is going to top it! (I’ve been going through a cold and I didn’t cough once for three hours after drinking this for lunch!)


5 thoughts on “Going for a CleanGreen!

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  2. Thank you for the recipe! I love it. Today I made one with Romaine lettuce, red seedless grapes and an apple…. really good! I think I’m converted to the green smoothy. I think the difference is, making it yourself… that way you know what went in there, and you know why it is green! It’s not that I added green slime, but actual lettuce leaves and other yummy stuff! Keep them coming Claire!

  3. My Mom wanted to make a “green” juice with celery in it today and I was like, Claire has a recipe! Lol, she loved it and we also had fresh apricots and added them at it was yummmmy 😀

    Thanks ♥

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