Let’s go with H2O!!!

Water is the way to go! It’s what really hydrates you, helps with digestion, cleanses your body, and what goes in comes right back out! Though a lot of people drink diet sodas because of their zero-calorie content, carbonation has been shown to bind to fat cells and bloat your gastrointestinal track with air. This slows your digestion (which reduces your metabolic rate) and prevents your digestive system from working properly. Learn more in this article: Dangers of Diet Soda.

So next time you pick up a drink, think, think, think!


2 thoughts on “Let’s go with H2O!!!

  1. What wonderful points this article makes! It is fascinating to know that despite consuming artificial sugars, the brain will still “sense” sweetness and send messages to the body to stop breaking down fat. Your blog certainly has a wealth of information that is useful to anyone!

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