How to Get Started…

To sign up, just comment below with your name and e-mail (if you want). I’ll upload things over time and go ahead and get started this coming week!

This is where you can record your fit food!

Fit Food Wiki

At the end of each week, jot down quick answers to 4 questions about your diet and exercise that week and how you feel from it!


8 thoughts on “How to Get Started…

  1. Thank you Marina! I’m so happy you’re willing to commit! If you can, I’d be happy for you to encourage friends to do it as well. If you have any questions you can send me an e-mail, comment again, write on the Fitfood wikispace discussion page, or post on the facebook page (I haven’t made this yet but I think I will!)

    My e-mail (just in case anyone wants it):

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